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Fungi can help monarchs self-medicate
Emily DeMarco
Science (October 13, 2015) link

Self-medicating Monarchs
Simon Morton
This Way Up, Radio New Zealand National (March 21, 2015) link, radio interview

What would happen if all the parasites disappeared?
Lucy Jones
BBC Earth (January 27, 2015) link


News Feature: Animals that self-medicate
Joel Shurkin
PNAS (Dec 9, 2014) link



The other butterfly effect: a youth reporter finds out how monarchs fight their own parasites
Lubna Batool
TEDBlog (Nov 25, 2014) link

Former Pres. Carter celebrates 90th birthday with butterfly garden
Megan McRainey
Science (Oct 1, 2014) link

Why some monarch butterflies are marathoners
The New York Times (Oct 1, 2014) link

Monarch butterfly's genes reveal the key to its long-distance migration
Dan Vergano
National Geographic (Oct, 2014) link

Genomics: Of monarchs and migration
Richard ffrench-Constant
Nature (Oct 1, 2014) link


One hundred and one monarch genomes reveal surprising history of this long-distance migrant
Elizabeth Pennisi
Science (Oct 1, 2014) link

Crushing myths, pinning down facts about insects
Carol Clark
Emory University eScienceCommons (June 4, 2014) link

De natuurapotheek van dieren
Anne van Kessel
Roots (March, 2014) link



Wild Medicine
Sharon Oosthoek
Student Science (January 17, 2014) link

Insects and animals use natural medicines
Hannah Devlin
The Times (April 15, 2013) link

Shoppen in de natuurapotheek
Hermen Visser
Noorderlicht (April 11, 2013) link

Self-medication in animals
Kerry Klein
Science Podcast (April 11, 2013) link

On call in the wild: Animals play doctor, too
Audrey Carlsen
Shots, Health News from NPR (April 11, 2013) link

Drunk fruit flies! Lots of animals self-medicate
Douglas Main
Live Science (April 11, 2013) link

The growing buzz on self-medication
Carol Clark
Emory University eScienceCommons (April 11, 2013) link


Natural-Born Doctors
Sabrina Richards
The Scientist (October 23, 2012) link

Rx on the Wing
David Raney
Emory Quadrangle (SPring 2012) link


Brilliant 10: The Butterfly Pharmacist
Sarah Fecht
Popular Science Magazine (October 2011) link

The monarch defense: in chess and in life
Carol Clark
Emory University eScienceCommons (September 20, 2011) link

Butterfly Rx
Carol Clark
Emory Magazine (Winter 2010/11) link


Beer, bugs and brains: hot topics in 2010
Emory University eScienceCommons (Dec 17, 2010) link

Struck out: students find some courses fill up in minutes
Molly Davis
Emory Wheel (Nov 19, 2010) link

Butterfly Medicine
Bob Hirshon
Science Update (Nov 15, 2010) link with podcast

Monarch butterflies use plants for medicine
Beth Lebwohl
Earthsky (Nov 8, 2010) link

Are monarch butterflies on drugs?
Bob McDonald
CBC Radio Quirks and Quarks (Oct 16, 2010) radio link

Barboleta tamben se automedica
Maria Fernanda Ziegler
iG (Oct 15, 2010) link

Butterfly study suggests animal medication is widespread
Rosanne Skirble
Voice of America (Oct 14, 2010) link with podcast and slide show

The monarch butterfly's medicine kit
Carol Clark
Emory University eScienceCommons (Oct 8, 2010) video link

Research funding up 10 percent
Holly Korschun
Emory Report (Oct 6, 2010) link

Prof. receives $500,000 grant
Elizabeth Bruml
Emory Wheel (Sep 17, 2010) link

Do monarch butterflies use drugs?
Carol Clark
Emory Report (Sep 13, 2010)

Do monarch butterflies use drugs?
Carol Clark
Emory University eScienceCommons (Sep 8, 2010)

What young scientist do on vacation
Carol Clark
Emory University
eScienceCommons (Aug 11, 2010)

The insects and humans of Emory's evolutionary ecology labs
Tim Barribeau
io9 (Jan, 2010)


Emory reacts to anti-evolution books
Alice Chen
Emory Wheel (Nov 20, 2009)

Researchers marry data and mathematical models to reveal dynamics of malarial infection
Woodruff Health Sciences Center (Apr 29, 2008) link

For treating malaria, less drugs may be best drugs
Science Daily (Nov 27, 2007) link

Monitoring the monarch
Michelle MacLachlan
Athens Banner-Herald (March 12, 2007) PDF

Survivor: piece of an evolutionary puzzle
Laurie Anderson
UGA Research Magazine (Fall, 2006) link