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Awards & Fellowships

Graduate students whose primary Advisor is a member of the Department of Biology are eligible for travel funding in order to present at conferences.

  • Students must present a paper or a talk.
  • A copy of the abstract must accompany your funding request.
  • GDBBS students must first apply for LGS Professional Development funds. Requested
  • Funds may be used for national or international travel.
  • The following acknowledgment should appear on/in your poster or oral presentation:  “ Travel expenses were supported by the Marion Trawick Coleman Travel Fund of the Emory Department of Biology”.
  • Effort should be made to minimize expenses when possible.
  • A Travel Expense Worksheet must accompany this form for funding consideration.
  • Students should submit an on-line Travel Expense Report upon completion of travel. Students will be provided with a speed-type to cover the awarded amount.
  • Charges must adhere to Emory’s Travel Policy.
  • Contribution per trip – up to $1,000 per national meeting; $2,000 per international meeting
  • Hardship requests are decided on a case-by-case basis.
  • Maximum student career contribution - $6,000 per graduate student; petitions may be submitted for high profile presentations.

Please fill out the travel forms before trip