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Vincent Ciavatta Headshot
Vincent Ciavatta
Lead Instructional Specialist, Lab
1462CR 121
Jason Crawley Headshot
Jason Crawley
Lead Instructional Specialist, Lab
1462CR 121
Erik Edwards Headshot
Erik Edwards
Greenhouse/ Horticultural Manager
Rollins 2006
Ann Dasher Englert Headshot
Ann Dasher Englert
Rollins 2004
Malia Escobar Headshot
Malia Escobar
Communications Specialist
Rollins 2001
Jan Hawes Headshot
Jan Hawes
Senior Facilities Planning Coordinator
Rollins 2001B
Sonia Hayden Headshot
Sonia Hayden
Assistant Director, Program
Rollins 2001A
Lynn Kenney Headshot
Lynn Kenney
Research Financial Analyst
Rollins 2053
Emily Lawson Headshot
Emily Lawson
Assessment and Life Sciences Informationist
Lars Bryant Headshot
Lars Bryant
Senior Desktop Consultant
Rollins 1031
Barbara Shannon Headshot
Barbara Shannon
Academic Undergraduate Degree Program Coordinator, Senior
Rollins 2006A
Paja Sijacic Headshot
Paja Sijacic
Facilities Planning Coordinator
Rollins 2074
Todd Swink Headshot
Todd Swink
Associate Director, MP3 Initiative & IDASTP
Rollins 1131A
Kristen Walden Headshot
Kristen Walden
Assistant Program Director, IMSD Program
Rollins 1101
Tonya Woolcock Headshot
Tonya Woolcock
Program Administrative Assistant
Rollins 2006