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Quantitative Sciences Major

The  Bachelor of Science in Quantitative Sciences (Biology Track) allows students to pursue quantitative training while they study subjects in the natural sciences, social sciences, or humanities. This unique interdisciplinary approach enables you to learn quantitative theory and methods that apply directly to your academic and career interests—whatever they happen to be.

This degree program is managed by the Department of Quantitative Theory and Methods and not the Department of Biology.

Requirements & Checklist

The Quantitative Sciences Major (Biology Track) students choose from one of the following two tracks of study

  • Track 1:  Neurobiology
  • Track 2:  Population Biology, Ecology, & Evolution (PBEE)

This major will prepare you for:

  • Employment in data-oriented or quantitative fields
  • Becoming a "Type A" Data Scientist (data analyst)
  • Graduate school in business analytics, humanities, social sciences, or physical and natural sciences

Declaring a Major

As a student, you are required to choose a major by the end of your second year.  However, you may do so as early as the second semester of your freshman year.  Once you declare online, you will need to schedule a declaration/initial advising appointment with QTM Program Coordinator Sadie Hannans.

QTM degree programs can be complex, so it is crucial to get advice starting from day one. Your declaration will not be processed until after you meet with the QTM Program Coordinator.



  1. The Declaration of Major/Minor form is accessible in OPUS under the Course Planning and Enrollment Tile.
  2. The OPUS form will display your current academic plan, and you may request to add or remove a major, minor, or concentration from that page.
  3. Your request is subject to department review. Within 24 hours, you will receive an automated email with guidance on contacting the appropriate undergraduate staff member for next steps. 
  4. If you have any questions about the form or the process, please contact
Sadie Hannans Headshot
Sadie Hannans
Program Coordinator
PAIS 569