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Lab and Research Specialists

Hasan Ahmed Headshot
Hasan Ahmed
Research Data/Informatics Specialist, Senior, Antia lab
Rollins 1164
Laura Avila Headshot
Laura Avila
Associate Scientist, Gerardo lab
Rollins 1174
Gabe DuBose Headshot
Gabe DuBose
Research Specialist, de Roode lab
Rollins 1174
Milo Fasken Headshot
Milo Fasken
Associate Scientist, Corbett lab
Rollins 1081D
Beth Gleason Headshot
Beth Gleason
Research Specialist, Senior, L'Hernault lab
Rollins 2062
Cora Hirst Headshot
Cora Hirst
Research Specialist, Antia lab
Rollins 1164
Nadia Hossainy Headshot
Nadia Hossainy
Research Specialist, Bellamkonda lab
Rollins 2167
Amanda Jacob Headshot
Amanda Jacob
Associate Scientist, Sober lab
Rollins 2158
Ruby Jacobs Headshot
Ruby Jacobs
Research Specialist, Devineni lab
Rollins 1154
Sara Leung Headshot
Sara Leung
Associate Scientist, Corbett lab
Rollins 1081D
Su Li Headshot
Su Li
Research Specialist, Lead, Jaeger lab
Rollins 2168
Huiping Ling Headshot
Huiping Ling
Assistant Scientist, L'Hernault lab
Rollins 2062
Indeara Martinez Headshot
Indeara Martinez
Research Specialist, Lead, Jaeger lab
Rollins 2168
Ingrid McCall Headshot
Ingrid McCall
Manager, Research Laboratory, Levin lab
Rollins 1166
Nassir Mokarram Headshot
Nassir Mokarram
Assistant Research Professor, Bellamkonda lab
Rollins 2167
Aurelie Pala Headshot
Aurelie Pala
Associate Scientist, Jaeger lab
Rollins 2168
Susan Plott Headshot
Susan Plott
Research Specialist, Lead, Gorkin lab
Rollins 1071A
Li-Ling Shen Headshot
Li-Ling Shen
Research Specialist, Lead, Liu lab
Rollins 2179
Andrew Smith Headshot
Andrew Smith
Research Specialist, Levin lab
Rollins 1166
Connor Smith Headshot
Connor Smith
Research Specialist, Rieder lab
Rollins 2080
Lucy Snipes Headshot
Lucy Snipes
Research Specialist, Thakur lab
Rollins 1071B
Kelvin Wong Headshot
Kelvin Wong
Research Specialist, Liu lab
Rollins 2179
Zoe Zimmerman Headshot
Zoe Zimmerman
Research Specialist, Gerardo lab
Rollins 1174