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Genetics, Cell, and Development Biology

The Department has several faculty members whose research interests are the fields of Genetics, Cell and Developmental Biology. Specific Faculty research interests include the maintenance and repair of the genetic material (Crouse, Spell), the regulation of gene expression (Corces, Jones, Kelly, Lucchesi, Taylor), evolutionary and population biology genetics (Gerardo, Levin, Real, Schlenke, Tao, Yokoyama) and the genetic and biochemical pathways involved in the development of vertebrate and invertebrate organisms (Kelly, Fritz, L'Hernault, Lynn, Shepherd, Siegler, Yedvobnick).

A wide variety of genetic model organisms are used by faculty working in these areas including yeast (S. cervisiae); fruit fly (D. melanogaster); nematode (C. elegans) and zebrafish (Danio rerio).
Anita Corbett Headshot
Anita Corbett
Samuel C. Dobbs Professor of Biology, Senior Associate Dean of Research Emory College, and Co-Director IMSD Program
Rollins 1021
Roger Deal Headshot
Roger Deal
Associate Professor
Rollins 2017
Anita Devineni Headshot
Anita Devineni
Assistant Professor
Rollins 1107
Nicole Gerardo Headshot
Nicole Gerardo
Professor, Director of the Graduate Division of Biological and Biomedical Sciences
Rollins 1111
David Gorkin Headshot
David Gorkin
Assistant Professor
Rollins 1009
Bruce Levin Headshot
Bruce Levin
Samuel C. Dobbs Professor
Rollins 1109
Steven L'Hernault Headshot
Steven L'Hernault
Chairman, Professor
Rollins 2001C
David Lynn Headshot
David Lynn
Asa Griggs Candler Professor, Chemistry
Emerson Hall E407
Levi Morran Headshot
Levi Morran
Associate Professor
Rollins 1029
Leila Rieder Headshot
Leila Rieder
Assistant Professor
Rollins 2025