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Amanda StarnesSenior Lecturer Emerita


  • B.S., James Madison University, 1987
  • D.V.M., University of Georgia, 1991

Teaching Philosophy

Maintaining student interest in "Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy" is a principle teaching goal. Using an organismal approach, students are encouraged to offer answers to class questions and their knowledge is further enhanced through student-led presentations. The instructor's presence, in both the lecture and lab sections, ensures a cohesive connection and integrated coverage of the material. Working closely seems to also promote a strong bond between classmates and their instructor.

Pre Vet Advisor

Emory University's Pre-Vet Club is a student-led organization dedicated to providing assistance and support to Emory undergrads interested in animal medicine.  The club has been an active organization on our campus since its initial establishment in 1997.  Meetings are held on a monthly basis, consisting of organized field trips and a variety of guest speakers.  The club also provides members with application information, advisement, notification of volunteer/employment opportunities, and social outings.  One of our most popular activities involves the club's annual panel discussion. 

During this evening event, students who have recently completed the application & interview process along with alumni currently attending veterinary school recount their experiences and address members' questions.  Emory undergrads consistently agree obtaining tips through this group's collective wisdom provides club members with valuable insight as they contemplate their future career goals and the potentially daunting task of applying to vet school.  Since its initial establishment, I have had the ongoing privilege of serving as Emory's Pre-Vet Club advisor. 

Drawing from my previous experience, having followed the same career path, enables me to offer personal insight and guidance to those Emory undergrads who are considering seeking a D.V.M. degree.  If veterinary medicine sounds like a potentially rewarding career choice for you, further inquiries addressed to or 404-727-6932 are welcome.