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The neuroscientists in the Department of Biology use primarily electrophysiological approaches to study a wide range of functional questions in vertebrate and invertebrate nervous systems. A particular strength of the Neuroscience area in the department derives from the application of computational methods to the analysis of neural systems and the construction of detailed biophysical computer models of neurons and neural circuits.

Additionally, other faculty members are working on nervous system development.

Ronald Calabrese Headshot
Ronald Calabrese
Senior Associate Dean for Research Samuel C. Dobbs Professor
Rollins 2113
Anita Devineni Headshot
Anita Devineni
Assistant Professor
Rollins 1107
Malavika Murugan Headshot
Malavika Murugan
Assistant Professor
Rollins 2101
Ilya Nemenman Headshot
Ilya Nemenman
Math & Science Center N240
Astrid Prinz Headshot
Astrid Prinz
Associate Professor
Rollins 2105
Melody Siegler Headshot
Melody Siegler
Associate Professor Emerita
Sam Sober Headshot
Sam Sober
Associate Professor
Rollins 2103