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Undergraduate Studies

The Department of Biology at Emory offers a diverse and extensive curriculum designed to expose students to cutting-edge theory and practice in biology. The Biology Department offers both a BA and a BS in Biology.  The requirements for both of these are described in the documents below.  The decision as to which to pursue is dependent on several factors. With the Institute of Quantitative Theory and Methods (QTM) we offer a Quantitative Sciences (QSS) major with Biology Track.  In conjunction with the Program in Science, Culture, and Society, students may also earn a minor in that area.

Successful completion of the introductory biology sequence prepares students for advanced study in cell and molecular biology, physiology, ecology and evolutionary biology, and other biological subdisciplines.  Opportunities are provided for supervised laboratory experiences, seminars, directed study, and research.  Our curriculum is designed to provide the biological background necessary for post-baccalaureate training at the graduate or professional level.

Program Details

Our undergraduate curriculum provides foundational training in major biological disciplines. Advanced coursework, research, and study abroad opportunities allow further exploration that speaks to big disciplinary questions and prepares students for in-demand careers.

If you are in the Atlanta area, let us know and we will be happy to introduce you to faculty, students, staff, and facilities.

Major requirements will depend on your planned graduation date and/or declaration date.

Suggested Tracks

For advising purposes only, the Department of Biology offers three tracks for the biology major – Integrative Biology, Molecular Biology & Biotechnology, and Ecology & Evolutionary Biology. 

Integrative Biology

Molecular Biology and Biotechnology Track

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Track