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Undergraduate Research

We know Emory students are extremely talented and believe they can contribute to the vibrant scientific community on our campus. We are working with researchers on campus to bring their work into the classroom and allow our undergraduates to carry out pieces of real research projects.

We believe that by engaging our students as early as possible in the exciting scientific community on Emory’s campus, they will have the inspiration and ability to maximally develop their scientific skills while at Emory.

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Independent Research for Credit (Biology 499R)

The Undergraduate Research Program in Biology provides an opportunity to learn the process of science, and thereby apply knowledge that has been gained in classes. Students work under the direction of a faculty member engaged in biological research for at least two semesters, for 4 credit hours each semester.  Biology 499R is not offered in the summer.

You may take Biology 499R for multiple semesters, but Biology 499R may be used to satisfy only one elective and an upper-level lab towards the Biology major after successful completion of the second semester of Biology 499R. You are expected to identify a research mentor prior to registering for Biology 499R. See the information on getting started in undergraduate research, above, for suggestions on how to find a mentor. 

Students must complete a registration form and mentors must verify their commitments to students prior to enrollment for the course, which requires a permission number.

For additional information, please see the following:
·         Student Information Packet
·         Faculty Mentor Information Packet

Due to the COVID pandemic, the research for credit program (Biol 499R) will be limited to students who can conduct remote research. See the information packet below for more details and how to sign up. Seniors will still be able to conduct honors research in Emory laboratories.

Honors Research (Biology 495)

For students with an overall and Biology major GPA of 3.5 or higher, the research experience can be combined with a written thesis towards graduation with Honors.  

Due to the COVID pandemic, for Fall 2020, we will have a more regulated form of the Biol 495A/B program. The Honors Program is restricted to students that can perform research remotely or have developed a plan with their principal investigator (PI) to safely work in their lab. 

Petit Undergraduate Scholar Program

The application process for Petit Scholars opens in August and ends in September.

Program Outline

  1. Once selected to participate in the year-long program, scholars are matched with a research project from a list submitted by prospective graduate/postdoc mentors. 
  2. Scholars will conduct research beginning in the following spring semester while taking their regular coursework.   During this time, they acquire the necessary skills and training needed to develop their research projects and chart their course for the upcoming year.  
  3. In the summer semester, scholars conduct their research full-time (40 hours/week) immersing themselves in the research, integrating into the research group, and attending group meetings and other lab activities. 
  4. When classes resume in the final fall semester, the scholars continue their research to develop results to present at the end-of-year poster session and celebration in December.
Become a Petit Scholar