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Marsteller Award

The Pat Marsteller award recognizes Biology majors who have excelled in research during their Emory careers.

Biology Undergraduate Research Award in honor of Pat Marsteller

This award recognizes the accomplishments of a Biology undergraduate major who is conducting outstanding independent research under the guidance of a faculty research mentor.

Students must be nominated by their research mentor to receive this award. Nominations can be submitted by any faculty member or primary investigator regardless of department or institutional affiliation. Nominees must be pursuing a major in Biology. Double majors are eligible if Biology is one of the majors.

To submit a nomination, research mentors should write a 1-2 page letter, on letterhead, explicitly addressing the criteria listed below. Research mentors are permitted to submit letters cosigned by other faculty or scientific mentors of the student (e.g., graduate students, postdocs). Letters should be submitted by Friday March 26, 20201 to Malia Escobar at

Nominations should reflect a student’s:

  • natural curiosity for asking scientific questions
  • sustained interest in pursuing independent research in the biological sciences while an Emory undergraduate
  • growing independence as a scientific researcher
  • commitment to being a productive, supportive member of their laboratory community
  • contribution to the scientific dialogue through presentations, theses and/or publications

The award winner will be announced at the Biology Undergraduate Research Symposium Rhodes Keynote Lecture.

Gregg Kimmerer


Wajd Alidrous

Daniela Farchi

Jessie Jiang2020
Alexandra Frances Nazzari2019

Alina Ulezko-Antinova

Jingru Zhao

Nilang Nandlal Shah